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Anything To Look Hot - Book Review

Anything To Look Hot
By Jas Kohli
Review By Ila Garg

Anything To Look Hot, a novel by a plastic surgeon and writer Dr. Jas Kohli, is published by Srishti Publishers and Distributors. The cover is apt and thoroughly intriguing for the readers. Wasim Helal has done a good job with the cover art. The title too manages to attract the readers as everyone wants to look hot these days.

A plastic surgeon by profession and a writer by passion – Dr. Jas Kohli had started his training as a surgeon twenty years back. Though during all those years, he hadn’t imagined that one day he would be exposing the secretive world of plastic surgeons and their clients. He takes keen interest in astronomy, music and bird-watching. Anything To Look Hot is his literary debut. Through his writings, he aims to foster a stronger doctor-patient bond.

The blurb reads as, “When the superstar diva of the past decade doesn’t want to play the hero’s mother on screen, she insists that she be reshaped into the most beautiful woman in the world…by any means.

This is just one of the many odd situations which plastic surgeon Dr. Dhruv faces in Mumbai. He has dealt with tyrannical bosses and finicky patients while undergoing his training, during which he has also won over a stunning doctor as his life partner. But satisfying the movie stars is a different ball game, because every girl wishes to have bee-stung lips, and every guy wants to flaunt a six-pack abdomen without working too hard. And all this while, he has to resist losing his balance over his ravishing female clients.

Dr. Dhruv’s journey surpasses even a masala movie for humour, drama and action. In debunking many a myth about cosmetic surgeries, the book will enthrall those who can do Anything to Look Hot.

The book is laced with realism and gives a deeper insight into the world of doctors through elaborate descriptions. This is a story centered on Dr. Dhruv and how he deals with the situations at hand. The plot is very different from regular chicklets. How he clears the entrance test for the M.Ch (Master of Chirurgiae) course, marries a fellow doctor and lets her stay at a hostel for 3 years to pursue her academic dreams is wonderfully weaved into the story. The various demands of the patients and how Dr. Dhruv tackles them is actually interesting.

The story moves in a flow and nowhere will a reader feel any disconnect. Though it is a Medical Fiction but any reader can be engaged with the storyline. The subject is tackled beautifully by the skillful author. Through Dr. Dhruv, Jas Kohli takes us into the world of doctors and also describes what happens when a mishap happens during any operation. For instance, if a patient dies during a surgery, the relatives start accusing the doctor of being a murderer, which is very sad.
Excerpt from the book: ‘Sir, even after working dedicatedly for donkey’s years in the hospital, I could be called a murderer and possibly assaulted for an act of God.’‘See, we Indians have wild mood swings. When the Indian cricket team performs badly, the public goes to the extent of burning effigies of the star players. The relatives had an irrational but firm belief that the wrong injection had been given to the child. So they refused to buy your explanations.’
The romance intermingled with humour add to the USP of the book. Also the language is easy to comprehend and style of narration is unique and fresh. The ease with which the life of a plastic surgeon is brought to the fore is good to read, the instrumental role that his dreams played in his tale, and how he fell in love and found his soulmate are some of the many reasons why you will keep turning the pages to find out what happens in Anything To Look Hot. Another reason that would keep you glued to this book would be the beauty with which a flawed character Dr. Dhruv is unfolded.

Further, this 196 page book is well written and moves beyond the regular romance novels. What makes it stands out is the realistic approach that the author took in characterizing Dr. Dhruv who is at once a plastic surgeon with the eye of a falcon and courage of a tiger, and also a keen explorer with love for astronomy. It’s a light read and one can easily carry it while travelling to read along.

My Verdict: To find out whether Dr. Dhruv becomes a successful surgeon or not, how he managed to survive the pangs of separation from a girl who he loved dearly, how he finally found a girl he could live the rest of his life with and how he treated his long list of clients with great concentration and endurance, and what happened with him in the end; you will have to read the novel, Anything To Look Hot.

Dr. Jas Kohli does come across as a promising writer!

Ratings: 3.7/5

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