Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Of Holding On and Letting Go!

And just like that, we feel broken,
When all we should do is surrender,
But we choose to feel shaken,
Lying still in emotions that are tender.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Vitamin H - Book Review

Vitamin H: Volume 2
By Abhishek Vipul Thakkar
Review By Ila Garg

Have you come across the concept of affirmations and the power of manifestation? This book ‘Vitamin H’ by Abhishek Vipul Thakkar gives the much-needed dose of motivation to all the readers while playing on the concept of daily affirmations that do change lives.

The book has a collection of quotes covering topics like mindful living, life journey, faith, compassion, confidence, acceptance, success, gratitude, happiness and forgiveness. These are presented day-wise for daily stimulation.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Kya Khoob Keh Gya Tha Wo...

Kya khoob keh gya tha wo,
Zamane se alag tha wo.
Aasaan toh kbhi tha hi nhi ye safar,
Magar ulajh gyi hai ab har dagar.

Kya khoob keh gya tha wo,
Meri zindagi ban gya tha wo.
Umaar bhar ka saath nhi bhi toh,
Kuch pal toh theher gya tha wo.

Kya khoob keh gya tha wo,
Meri rooh ko chu gya tha wo.
Hawayon mei khusboo sa,
Wo tha kuch pal ka bharosa.

Kya khoob keh gya tha wo,
Zamane se alag tha wo.
Kaaton bhari zindagi mei tha,
Wo mere daftar-e-gul sa.

© Ila Garg

Sunday, May 17, 2020


I know I haven’t been an easy child, 
There is no way I could be tamed or be mild.
At times, I need to scream and be apart,
But your tender touch is always there to ease my heart.

I get frightened when you are not in my sight,
You are the wall; the force to test my strength,
The chain I hammer at with all my might,
And yet you keep increasing its length.

It’s tough, I know, to be so calm and not be mad,
To at once play both good and bad,
Your care and faith never cease to come along.
The love against all odds still stays strong.

© Ila Garg

Friday, January 31, 2020

Memories :(

Laced with memories, grandma's kitchen called out to me,
As I stepped in, I recalled how it was once filled with the smell of ghee.
She would prepare steaming hot aloo parathas in the shape of triangles,
And tell us stories about the fairies and also the big bad wolves of the jungles.

Each time we visited her, we had so much to look forward to,
Sometimes, she would make us sit on her lap and read to us too.
She would tell us how good always triumphed over the evil,
And then sing a lullaby for us with a touch so gentle.

On the cold nights, grandma used to give us her famous hot chocolate to drink,
It was her secret recipe; even the thought of it now makes my heart sink.
Once upon a time, my grandma's kitchen was full of smiles and spark,
In her absence, now the 'kitchen' feels so lonely and stark.

© Ila Garg

Sunday, September 22, 2019

The Speaking Stone - Book Review

The Speaking Stone
By Ratnadip Acharya
Review By Ila Garg

‘The Speaking Stone’, a novel by renowned author Ratnadip Acharya is published by Aksora Publications LLP. The cover is quite interesting. It shows some ancient ruins and a couple holding hands, walking in its direction. The dark colours used are apt to represent the book as a thriller.

It will be interesting to note here that the author's earlier book reviewed by me, Paradise Lost & Regained, had the same colour combination. The cover designer, Gokul Ram Singh, remains constant as well.

The book begins with a WARNING, insisting the readers to not flip through the pages beforehand as the pictures inside the book might kill the suspense. It's therefore, advisable to read the book page by page to stay with the plot and let the climax come through.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Treasure Within Dreams - Book Review

Treasure Within Dreams
By Shetall Ramsinghani
Review By Ila Garg

‘Treasure Within Dreams’, a novel by Shetall Ramsinghani is published by Revolt House Publishing. The cover is beautiful and reveals the fact that the readers are going to meet a fortune teller "psychic". It seems like a mystic novel at the first glance.